Food is a religion that we all worship, a language that we all speak,
a philosophy that we all live by, and a drug that we cannot overcome.

We're eclectic. We like hardcore rock, we have lots of fucking tattoos, and ketchup bottle farts will always be funny. There are no rules in our kitchen, except, maybe don’t run with scissors and aprons are for pussies, because rules are for tv dinner connoisseurs and people who only eat chicken nuggets.

We have tried hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes online and in the end, they tasted like hell. We even tried “Engagement Chicken” that went viral years ago only to toss it and drive to the nearest fast food window with a light on. If only we could create our own recipes that have that fucking punch our faces are looking for.

Anyone can make a hamburger, or macaroni, or whatever the fuck else, but why not put your own cool-ass touch to it? Put a cheese you can’t pronounce on your burger, or add barbecue sauce to your macaroni. Be the change your food needs. Send us your concoctions and we'll post that shit on our site.

It’s your mouth and your world--let's make life taste better.

Share our recipes as much as you would like. We only ask that you change the wording and credit us or share a link to our recipes. Fuck mediocre. Fuck tradition. Be a kitchen anarchist with us.

Now get to cooking, fuckers.